Commercial Determinants Research Group


Project type: Visual Identity

Project detayls:

This was a group project at Kingston University to rebrand a London-based university research group focused on exposing information about corporations. The final logo reflects the research and includes an exclamation mark for attention and action.

Project Summary:

The last project that I worked on was completed in a university setting at Kingston University, and it was a collaborative effort with Andy Parker and Kim Doyeon. Our task was to rebrand a university research group based in London, which aimed to provide the public with information about what goes on behind the scenes with large and small corporations. Given the vast range of research topics covered by the group, we conducted extensive research to create a logo that reflected the group's core values and research areas.

The final logo that we came up with was designed to communicate attention and action, with the exclamation mark integrated into the different parts of the logo. Along with the logo, we created posters, offline materials such as research papers and letters, social media banners, and an animation for the start of videos. The project was a challenging yet rewarding experience that allowed us to put our design skills to the test while also contributing to a meaningful cause.